Our shipping bags are made from 100% recycled LDPE plastic made in Denmark. Dual adhesive strips to ensure that returns can come back to us without the need for a second wrapping on the customer’s side.

Our garment bags are a plastic free PEFC certified alternative. The PEFC certificate ensures that the paper the bags are made from, originates from forests that are managed sustainably. The criteria are strict and diverse and include increased forest resources, vitality, biodiversity and socio-economic functions. The material is 100% compostable.

For our thank you cards, we collaborate with Vester Kopi, holders of the Danish ‘Svanemærket’ (the Nordic Ecolabel) – a certificate of environmental sustainability excellence. This certificate is under constant scrutiny and the criteria for obtaining it are some of the strictest in the world. This entails that both the paper, ink and methods are all subject to rigorous regulation.

Diamond Day is 100% online, which essentially eliminates the use of hangtags. When it is time to enter the physical stores, we will make sure that our hangtags are made from 100% sustainable materials.