Our garments are made in the European Union, our target market, for the following two reasons mainly: Firstly, in the EU, people make fair wages, they have great working conditions and predictable long-term employment. And secondly, we source all fabrics and tailor all garments as locally as possible, drastically reducing the carbon footprint shipping wise. We could make substantially better margins by sourcing and manufacturing overseas, but this would be at the expense of both the environment and the people working in factories that are not subject to the scrutiny our European working condition standards entail.

All our garments are made in an Estonian factory with whom we have established a trust-based symbiotic relationship. The factory is run by fierce and highly professional women and employs 40 happy and driven people. 

The purchasing power of Estonians has increased 400% over the last two decades and life expectancy has soared from 66 years in 1994, to 77 years as of 2016 according to the World Bank and Estonia is now considered a high-income country on par with the economies of western European countries*. In addition, Estonia’s Democracy Index is 7.84 and they rank just two places below the United States, scoring 7.92**. These facts serve as a guarantee for us as a socially responsible company, that there is no foul play in the production process and that we can fully trust that the people who make our garments are healthy, free from oppression and compensated fairly for their hard and impeccable work.

As a customer, you can rest easy that neither Mother Nature nor her inhabitants suffer in the creation of Diamond Day apparel, and that the quality and design of the garments are nothing short of top tier. Needless to say, such peace of mind coupled with relentless quality standards carries a different price tag than conventional fast fashion wear-and-discard clothing. You get what you pay for.